What is Collegium Trinitatis?
Our Collegium is a university residence devoted to enhancing the talent and future of our students through a range of training and cultural activites.
Will university courses be hosted inside the college?
No, but we will be holding workshops and seminars on artistic, scientific, humanistic and cultural topics.
Do you have security?
Yes, we have a staff on site from 7:30am to 22:30pm, as well as a CCTV camera system. When the staff is not present, students can directly contact one of us in case of emergency.
Can I visit the residence?
Of course! If you plan to visit us, please contact our office to book an appointment. You can also make a virtual tour on our website.
How many students can you host?
Up to 62. We have 12 single, 6 large single and 28 double rooms.
Do you offer medical assistance?
No. Italian students planning to stay for more than 6 months can choose their general practitioner in Turin. Non-EU students with a residence permit for study purpose can ask to temporarily benefit from our national healthcare.


What are the opening hours?
The residence is open from 8am to 10pm. If you have any particular need, you can ask our office for a special authorization.
Is it a mixed residence?
Yes, but our double rooms will accomodate only students of the same sex.
Can I have guests?
Yes, but only within the public areas of the college. You’ll be asked beforehand to apply for a special authorization and guest identification from our office.
What else do I need to know?
You can read our rules in the ABOUT US section of this website.
Can I stay the whole week or do I have to leave for the weekend?
It is completely up to you.
Can I bring personal property with me?
Yes, except for stoves, burners, and other flammable objects. Students are not allowed to hang paintings as well.


How do I apply for accomodation?
To apply, you have to fill out the online form. You will then receive an email from our office to choose a day for your interview.
Why is there an interview for admission to the residence?
Our wish is to give all our students a quality experience at our residence. For this reason, the goal of the interview is to assess the student’s understanding of our project. The interview is motivational in nature, as it is our desire to is to understand why you want to live in a residence, in order to guarantee adequate formative opportunities and choose a room according to our current availability.
What will the interview be about?
The interview consists of a written and an oral part, lasting up to one hour and a half. Your academic qualifications will be examined as well.
What are the requirements for admission?
Mainly, to be enrolled in the University of Turin or other university institutions; for new undergraduate students, to possess a high school diploma with a score of 70/100 or more; for students of the following years, an amount of CFUs (university educational credits) equal or superior to 50% of the total required by your degree by July 31st of the ongoing year.
Do I need to attend a particular faculty to apply for accomodation?
No, as long as it is officially recognized as a university institution. Of course you’ll have to be enrolled for the current year to apply for accomodtion.


I passed the interview. Can I still reject the offer of accomodation?
Yes. The contract will be official once we have completed all the paperwork and you have signed the contract and the formative agreement.
What do I do to confirm my reservation for the following year?
You have to inform the office of your decision through a form you can ask for at the reception. You’ll have to fill it out by the end of April of the current year (students of the following years) or by the end of June (students attending the first year or a single-cycle degree).


What are the accomodation fees?
Fees can be found in the “Fees” section of our website. The cost will depend on whether you applied for a single, large single or a double room and includes half board, 7 days a week.
Is the fee dependable on my income? Can I apply for a scholarship?
Fees do not depend on your income. At this moment we don’t offer scholarships, but we plan to collaborate with several institutions to offer special agreements, sponsoring and scholarships.
Do I have to maintain a certain average to stay at the residence?
Yes, we require an  amount of CFUs (university educational credits) equal or superior to 50% of the total required by your degree. Your participation in residence activities will influence the possibility of re-applying for accomodation as well.