Life at Trini

Life at Trini


Life at Trini is, foremost, an experience of community life. Students here have multiple opportunities to form new friendships, as well as to embark together on their academic career and everyday life. Our wide range of formative and cultural activities help them enrich their university experience and their personal growth.
Moreover, the daily presence of an educative staff guarantees a source of stability and security, especially important in a period of such changes, where students are away from their hometown and families and, at the same time, learning a new lifestyle.

The staff

Our multidisciplinary staff is made of educators, psychologists and communicators. This allows us to better run such a complex project as the management of the residence, from the front desk to formative activities and the organization of events, as well as help our students feel more at home, away from home.

What our students say about Trini…

“A place where I’ve found new friends to share university life with.”
Davide – Civil Engineering

“A home where I feel safe and supported in difficult times.”
Federica – Biomedical engineering

“At Trini, time flies with a lot of fun.”
Elisa – Medicine

“I’ve found a place where I can focus on my studies.”
Francesco – IAAD

“A place to share experiences and relationships, and to make university life lighter and more enjoyable.”
Marco – Mechanical engineering

“A place where students can grow and become more independent.”
Francesco – Aerospace engineeringe

“It’s not just study, but also inner growth.”
Gabriele – Computer engineering

“It’s like having all Italy close to you.”
Salomon – Mechanical engineering