Tutoring is available for specific subjects, with both onsite tutors and eternal experts.

Career services

Group and individual sessions for career guidance. Personal branding, CV writing, interview simulations, events with professionals and companies in your field.

Spiritual animation

In collaboration with AcuTO and the University Pastoral of the Archdiocese of Turin.


Our residence is not just one of the buildings in the district. Here you’ll find a place actively interacting with its own territory, for example through Servire con Lode, a project where local associations help students find volunteering opportunities.

Sportello di Ascolto Educativo

We offer a counselling service to support you in personal and academic choices, inclusiveness, keeping in contact with your family and your birth territory.


Festivals, events, and presentations within the college (such as the Trini Film Festival) and other activies held in Turin.

Seminars and workshops

Seminars and workshops on arts, science, literature, and culture.


Initiatives created and coordinated by students to develop a sense of belonging to the college and the territory (such as TriniChef, an opportunity for students to cook recipes from their homeland).


An on site gym and other activities organized in collaboration with local sports association. During the year you’ll be able to take part in tournaments and events together with other residences.

Free Time

We offer a TV room, relax area, reading room and an outside area. And don’t forget: our residence is located right in the Crocetta district, one of the oldest in Turin!

Artistic Courses

Our residence offers a number of art-related activities, both on site and in the city.