What is Collegium Trinitatis?
Will university courses be hosted inside the college?
Do you have security?
Can I visit the residence?
How many students can you host?
Do you offer medical assistance?


What are the opening hours?
Is it a mixed residence?
Can I have guests?
What else do I need to know?
Can I stay the whole week or do I have to leave for the weekend?
Can I bring personal property with me?


How do I apply for accomodation?
Why is there an interview for admission to the residence?
What will the interview be about?
What are the requirements for admission?
Do I need to attend a particular faculty to apply for accomodation?


I passed the interview. Can I still reject the offer of accomodation?
What do I do to confirm my reservation for the following year?


What are the accomodation fees?
Is the fee dependable on my income? Can I apply for a scholarship?
Do I have to maintain a certain average to stay at the residence?